Social Vapers

Where real people make real friendships

What is Social Vapers?

It is a website for people who use electronic cigarettes to meet each other.  It is not a site about ecigs, but about the real people that use them.


The forum, private message and chat facilities on Social Vapers are a way to find out about fellow ecig users with a view to building real friendships.  The aim is to get people away from staring at a computer screen, hiding behind an avatar and a silly name and getting them back into real life.


Ecigs can become an obsession and there are plenty of forums where the latest products, offers, ecig politics etc can be discussed - this is NOT one of those places!!


Social Vapers is a place to socialise, to find out more about your fellow vapers and to discuss all other topics EXCEPT for vaping :)


Members will only be accepted if they use real names and photographs of themselves - if you cannot bring yourself to do that then this is not the place for you as you are not a Social Vaper.